A Commercial Solar Power System to Make Baywash Carwash Even More Sustainable

A Commercial Solar Power System to Make Baywash Carwash Even More Sustainable

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  • How can one make a car wash, that already utilises rain water tanks, more sustainable?
  • How can a business stay viable with today’s rising electricity costs?
  • How can costs for the consumer stay low?
  • How can one expand services into the future?

These questions and more were at the forefront of the first meeting between the owners of Baywash Car Wash and T3Sol.

This meeting of three great minds was the first of many. Successful, established, astute businessmen, Anthony and Frank Colussa, who wanted to expand their businesses to incorporate 21st century products and developments and a Company Director with the skills, engineering knowledge and solar products to offer the leading solutions and future ideas.

Already running a successful business, voted Melbourne’s best Carwash 2017, washing cars each day with sustainably collected water and eco friendly detergents, the owners weren’t happy just raising prices to meet electricity expenses. They wanted to remain competitive. They wanted more for their customers. They wanted to provide the best service for the best price. They wanted a solution that maintained the professional aesthetics, that helped them become #1.

How? What was the next step to upkeep and expand a great business?

The answer –

  • A safe, high quality, maximum producing Solar System from T3Sol that could provide the business with sustainable electricity generated from The Sun.
  • Electricity that will never rise in cost year to year.
  • Electricity that will benefit both the business owners and their customers.
  • Electricity produced from a system that is backed by long term local manufacturer warranty’s (10-20+ years).
  • Electricity producing system that was pleasing to the eye.
  • Electricity that could also expand the services of the business – “Clean and Charge”. With the advent of Electric Cars, it was suggested by T3Sol that Baywash Car Wash could be at the forefront of future technology. Using Solar Power would enable the business to sustainably and economically charge electric cars while owners washed them.

T3Sol is also focused on battery technology and Frank and Anthony were informed that while batteries were available, for them, it would be best to wait. T3Sol would make them aware once the right battery solution was sustainable, economical and available.

A site specific analysis was conducted, data collected, a system size suggested, savings and ROI discussed. Contracts were signed and an installation date was set. Within 5 days, T3Sol installed and commissioned 105 high powered solar panels on two sites with a peak power of 19.38 and 16.80 kW’s respectively. The Carwash was now being powered by The Sun and the Colussa’s are able to keep their costs steady amidst the ever rising electricity market.

T3Sol’s moto of “Call, Install and Save” was again upheld.

With sunlight and water, two great resources of our world, the Baywash Car Wash is now sending cars away sparkling and customers smiling.

T3Sol trusts they can stay #1 for many years to come. 



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