A Home Solar System to Wipe Out Rising Electricity Costs

A Home Solar System to Wipe Out Rising Electricity Costs

Miss P, a young, full time employed, single mother of three children battling the ever-rising cost of electricity, contacted T3Sol asking to fix her electricity bill… for good.

At first, she was skeptical about the benefits of solar energy, but we assured her that the numbers, costs and savings were correct, and in fact, conservative.
So, Miss P took a leap of faith with T3Sol. The custom-engineered and designed T3Sol R Power System was installed on her home. The solar power system she wanted had to accommodate additional solar panels and solar batteries in the future.

Once installed, she could immediately see the savings on her electricity bill.
Miss P was educated not only about the solar system, but on how to gain the most benefit from her solar panels, including various energy-saving techniques, allowing her to take control of her future with green energy in her home.

Miss P is able to use her smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor system production, home energy usage and feed-in tariff electricity.

T3Sol can monitor system health remotely and make sure that the T3Sol R Power System continues to produce the much needed clean AC electricity for her home and grid, as demonstrated.



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