A Residential Solar System Designed to Convince a Green Energy Skeptic

A Residential Solar System Designed to Convince a Green Energy Skeptic

After years of following and educating himself of the prices, solar rebates and financial incentives and solar products available, Mr B wasn’t convinced that a solar panel system could produce enough energy to offset the cost of the system itself.

A retired property valuer, Mr B understood the concept of investment rate of return, and yet the numbers never added up before… until he called and met with us at T3Sol.

Mr B and his wife had raised their family of four children, worked hard all their lives and now wanted to enjoy retirement.

The only problem was, that to heat their spa and run the air conditioning, it was costly and it was only going to cost more in the future with ever-rising electricity prices.

Mr B wanted to use the household roof space to put the most powerful and safe solar power system possible and make use of the feed-in tariffs, which had just doubled to 0.113c/kWh in Victoria.

A solar system with a peak power of 6500 watts was chosen. The numbers added up for Mr B, and the return of investment was too good not to go ahead with installation.

Finally, he had found a professional company that not only presented themselves well but could back up their product with the numbers and production capabilities to make him comfortable in purchasing a solar system.

The system was installed and connected in one day.

Mr B and his wife now sit back and enjoy their nice warm spa and cool household, not worrying about the cost of enjoying their retirement.


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