The solar financial incentive from the Federal government is available on all T3Sol systems.  The Vic Solar Rebate is available for eligible homeowners.

At T3Sol, we have more than 20 years of experience in engineering and solar power installation, and we’re a CEC Accredited Installer, Smart Energy Council Master Installer, and a Selectronic Accredited Integrator.

We want to disrupt the energy market for the benefit of energy consumers like you, offering the latest solar panel and solar inverter technology from the largest manufacturers offering high output, safest systems, and long-term warranties for the best price.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service solar business, from quote to connection, we get your system connected quicker than the rest by not allowing the energy companies or distributors delay the process.


The inverter is the power converter of a solar power system. We have a range of budget-friendly inverters and others that maximise safety, power, warranties and aesthetics.


Solar batteries are your gateway to storing the sun’s energy for later use. A lot of people ask “how many solar panels and batteries do I need?” and we can help you work out the best solution for you.


It takes 4 simple steps to take solar installation from an idea to reality, from picking the best solar panels, to installation and inspection, grid connection and retailer plan and finally, turning on your solar panels.

Every morning you can look out your window and see the one constant in this world, the sun rises each morning. There is an unexplainable emotive satisfaction we get from the warmth of the rays, a lifestyle we get to enjoy from its light, a sense of wonder admiring its sheer existence and size. Now, through modern developments and inventions, we can also harvest the energy the sun produces.

This notion of Solar PV (photovoltaic) isn’t new, has been around since the late 1800’s, but continuous developments and improvements now means each day we have the option to use the power of the sun to boil our kettle, wash our clothes, run our air conditioners and use this very computer I’m typing on right now.

Engineer – “to design and build; to skillfully arrange for something to occur”

Solar – “determined by the sun”.

The creation of T3Sol did not happen over night.  It took many a cycle, and rise of the sun, to form. Focused on product quality and customer service satisfaction, T3Sol utilizes over 20 years engineering and electrical experience of staff.   Working with consumers, explaining the processes and options available, all installations are approached as a puzzle to be put together depending upon the consumers requirements and not a “one size fits all” approach.  

To say we at T3Sol simply provide solar power for our customers is a gross understatement of our company statement. T3Sol engineers a solar system, specifically for you.  We skillfully design build and arrange your solar system, and maximize power production, determined by the sun.


Power your days with the Sun. Ready?

The future is bright with T3Sol