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Commercial Solar Panels

Whether you have a small, medium, or large solar energy requirement, T3Sol can design and install a solar power system to meet your needs and budget.

With fast pay-off times, commercial solar systems offer businesses a high return on investment and high internal rate of return.

You’ll also receive $20,000 instant asset write off (for systems that are less than $20,000)*.

Systems over $20,000 can be depreciated as it is a power-producing asset!

And the savings are extraordinary.

A well designed

5kW solar system can save $2,000 per year.

10kW solar system can save $4,000 per year.

15kW solar system can save $6,000 per year.

30kW solar system can save $10,000 per year.

100kW solar system can save $35,500 per year.

Talk to us about systems over 100kW’s

Your commercial solar energy system is comes with a combined 20 years’ installation and engineering experience.


We only use the latest, highest production and safest solar panel systems, and have accredited installers to ensure a risk-free solar installation.
Our mission is to disrupt the energy industry by bringing the newest solar panel products to our commercial and residential clients.

If you’re not sure what the best solar energy solution is for your needs, request an energy audit. It costs just one flat fee that will be refunded once you proceed with a solar panel installation with us.

If you don’t like the idea of purchasing a system outright, talk to us about a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This can be via a solar system installed on your premise or the purchase of electricity from a larger-scale solar farm.


Smart Commercial Solar Solutions

When you are installing over 200 panels, it really does pay to ensure you are getting what you have paid for.

Solaredge is the only system that gives you transparency of your asset.

Why risk anything else?

Beginners guide to Solar

Consumers of electricity who do not have solar systems are going to pay for
their electricity indefinitely. In regards to electricity consumption, users are
like a tenant who will keep on paying indefinitely for the accommodation. So
if you invest in solar now you can get “free electricity” via solar in a few years.

30 Panel Advantages

A solar panel harvests the sun and converts it into electricity and is together with the inverter the most important part of a solar system. A solar system only achieves a positive return on investment after a number of years. Contrary to some cheap panel sales spin, the fact is – Not all solar panels are built equal.