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30 Panel Advantages

A solar panel harvests the sun and converts it into electricity and is together with the inverter the most important part of a solar system. A solar system only achieves a positive return on investment after a number of years. Contrary to some cheap panel sales spin, the fact is – Not all solar panels are built equal.

Beginners guide to Solar

Consumers of electricity who do not have solar systems are going to pay for
their electricity indefinitely. In regards to electricity consumption, users are
like a tenant who will keep on paying indefinitely for the accommodation. So
if you invest in solar now you can get “free electricity” via solar in a few years.

LG Warranty Brochures 2018

By supplying your panels installation address and the serial numbers of your LG solar panels you will ensure your details are registered with LG for many years. In years to come your paperwork might be misplaced and by having registered we have your product details ready to retrieve.