Conflict Minerals Policy

T3SOL is committed to avoiding the use of Conflict Minerals which directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC or adjoining countries.

T3SOL suppliers are required to acknowledge T3SOL’s Code of Conduct, which includes requirements regarding Conflict Minerals and responsible sourcing.  Suppliers are also responsible for passing the same requirements on to their suppliers.

Suppliers will be required to declare that all products supplied either:

  1. Do not contain tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold that are necessary to their production or functionality, or,
  2. If they do contain these minerals, that they originate from non-conflict areas or from smelters that have been validated by an independent private sector party to be conflict free.

T3SOL will evaluate its relationships with its suppliers on an ongoing basis to ensure continued compliance with this policy.  T3SOL reserves the right to request additional documentation from its suppliers regarding the source of any Conflict Minerals included in its products.  In addition, suppliers must maintain and provide to T3SOL upon request traceability data for a minimum of five years.  Suppliers who do not comply with these requirements shall be reviewed by T3SOL’s supply chain organization for future business.