What size system do I need?

Your budget and roof size primarily decide your system size. We can help you find the right solar power system to suit your needs.

What size solar system do I need to wipe out my bill or reduce it?

Your energy demand will determine the solar system size required to wipe your bill out. Our friendly inhouse specialist can design a solar power system that works for you.

What do I need to consider for the size of the solar power system I put on my house?

Cost, energy demand, budget, aesthetics (how it looks), and distributor allowances all come into consideration when deciding the type and size of a solar system to put on your roof. A good question to ask yourself is, do you want the highest ROI or the highest-quality with a very good ROI?

What is the feed-in tariff in my state?

In Victoria, the mandatory minimum an energy retailer can pay for your exported clean solar energy is 10.3c/kWh, although you can get higher feed in tariffs if retailers are offering them.

How long does it take to pay off?

Depending on the solar panel system you choose, it pays for itself in as little as as 3 ½ years.

What are the options for paying off my system?

You leave a deposit and pay the rest upfront on installation, or you can go on a payment plan based off the RRP of the Solar Energy System.

Trust T3Sol to help you find the right solar power system for you and be there for you in the future.