Solar batteries are the best way to store unused power for use after the sun goes down, rather than sending some of the solar power back into the grid.

T3Sol has the most financially effective battery system, while most Solar batteries are not financially effective right now(with the high feed-in tariffs for putting unused energy back into the grid)

With a solar panel battery you can reduce your electricity use from the grid (which is predominantly coal and gas generated) and even go off-grid by installing a solar panel battery.

You’ll become a lot more self-sufficient, using the majority of the sun’s energy in your home.

The batteries T3Sol offer are Enphase, LG Chem, Fronius 24hrs of Sun, TrinaBess and Kilowatt Labs Capacitor Module.

The Kilowatt Labs Capacitor Module solar battery system provides the best financial benefit due to its industry leading cycle life (~1 million cycles vs ~7000 cycles for other solar batteries).

Solar batteries are your choice, so you can choose whether or not you’d like a battery with your solar power system.

Fronius Battery
Trina BESS
Kilowatt labs Capacitor Module 3550-48-S