Where solar batteries is an energy storage device, a cabinet is a safe and aesthetically pleasing way of storing all the electrical requirements for your off grid solar system.

Off grid is where you are not connected to the “poles and wires” of the electricity monopolist in your area. This means you rely solely on the power of the sun, solar batteries and a backup generator for your power requirements.

When you’re on grid, you still have the ability to send excess power to the grid and use the grid as a backup in case of low sunlight.

For an off grid solar system a cabinet is the best way to store all the requirements to run your solar panel system.

At T3sol, the cabinet we offer is the latest and highest quality system available. Going off grid is an investment not to be skimped on!

For on and off grid solar systems for a single phase premises (like your home), you require a minimum of one unit, although you can have more.

Three phase homes and commercial properties can have one, although three is the norm, because a single unit is attached to each of the phases.