The inverter is the power converter of a solar power system. It converts the DC (direct current) electricity from the solar panels to AC (alternating current) to power your home and send to the grid or battery.

There are some budget-friendly solar inverters and others that maximise safety, power, warranties and aesthetics.

These are the most popular type of inverters:

String inverters.

The oldest and most common type of solar inverter for residential solar power systems. You generally have one of these inverters that caters to all the solar panels for your home.


These are the latest and are about the size of a paperback novel and you have one for each of your solar panels. These are great as they increase each solar panel’s efficiency, safety and monitoring capabilities.

Battery inverters

A battery inverter allows you to retrofit batteries to your solar power system or keep your battery system separate from your solar panels.  Selectronic battery inverters offer full UPS functionality.

Hybrid inverters

These are the newest inverters available in Australia right now and these mean you can plug batteries into your solar power system.

Central inverters

These are the solar inverters that look like large metal cabinets and can handle up to 500kW per enclosure. These are used for commercial solar installation or solar farms.