You can save up to $2800 per year on residential solar panels (depending on which system you choose).

With our solar panel systems, you can place them on east, west and north-facing roofs and your system will generate and offset a lot of electricity that you would normally use from the grid.

Roof pitch used to be an issue but you can now use multiple roof facades with modern sleek tilt mechanisms, coupled with efficiency gains of the highest-quality solar panels and inverter systems available now.

How much could you save?

A well-designed 5kW solar system can save $1,100 per yr

A well-designed 10kW solar system can save $2,000 per yr

A well-designed 15kW solar system can save $2,800 per yr

*based off our avg customer savings using 2020 tariffs and home consumption

And even though solar energy generation is lower in winter, generation still offsets your consumption. Lowering your demand can be a way to maximise your savings during this period.

With our AC and DC optimised systems, shading from trees is less of an issue these days – we will consult with you if shading will negatively affect the generation of your solar panel system.

Plus, one of our solar systems will allow you to add panels in the future, a feature which hasn’t been available for systems of the past.

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Beginners guide to Solar

Consumers of electricity who do not have solar systems are going to pay for
their electricity indefinitely. In regards to electricity consumption, users are
like a tenant who will keep on paying indefinitely for the accommodation. So
if you invest in solar now you can get “free electricity” via solar in a few years.