T3SOL Environment Policy

T3SOL Vision

To protect the environment and minimise our environmental footprint in the areas we operate, in collaboration with our employees and contractors.

T3SOL Policy 

This policy applies to all T3SOL employees, contractors, products, services and sites under T3SOL’s operational control.


T3SOL Commitments 

T3SOL will:

  • Adhere to high standards to protect the environment where we do business;
  • Strengthen our business by integrating environmental considerations into all business activities;
  • Meet or exceed our regulatory obligations;
  • Analyse and improve the way we do business to reduce environmental risks and impacts;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance through developing and reviewing effective management systems, measurement and targets;
  • Share our environmental objectives and commitments with employees and contractors; Minimize the risk of environmental incidents;
  • Respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents from our operations;
  • Contribute to research and adaptation to new technologies that improve environmental outcomes;
  • Use resources and energy efficiently, minimising emissions and waste; and
  • Educate our employees, our contractors and suppliers and hold them accountable for complying with this policy.

June 2017 Peter Smith CEO T3SOL